“My work changes as ideas evolve, but fundamentally my paintings, whether abstract or figurative, will always be about multi-layered, dense, textured surfaces.

Destroying and re-building layers is part of the working process essentially resulting in fragile and unstable surfaces where torn fragments, cracks, and eroded surface have real significance and the image itself may become obscured, blurred or ill-defined.”

Recent works.

Thoughts from a time of isolation


After a life spent working in the catering trade and running her own business Bren went ‘from pans to paint’ and in 2003 gained a B.A. Hons degree in Fine Art from the University of Hull.

Although now recognised for her sensitive and haunting portraits her painting is taking a new direction.

Working from a new studio in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, she is developing a series of abstract mixed media paintings.

Influenced by the Pennine landscape and the textile history of the area she continues to explore materials and their properties adding to the tactile quality of her work.

She will, of course, continue to paint portraits.

“Bren’s unusual style produces a haunting effect that seems to reveal a lifetime of feelings expressed through colour, shadow and skin-like layers, each revealing a different phase of life. Stare into her portraits and wonder how life has weathered the faces. These portraits despite their abstract style ,are in many ways more personal and more exposing than photo – perfect portraits which through their neatness can be emotionally more obscure. They say more about the moment than a practiced grin.”

“Turning Heads; The Art of Bren Head” by Lucy Boyd